On this page, I have added all the 2009 pictures.
We were honored to have Father Paulo Borges as Celebrant of the Festa.
We hope he is doing well and we miss him!

Pictures of 2009 Festa, Priest, Queens, Presidents, and Friends

Search on "YouTube" for "Father Paulo Borges" or
"Our Lady of Miracles Festa" for more videos.
You can also search for "kim2848" videos

Video of the Queens crowning Our Lady on Saturday Night
just before the Candlelight Procession to the park.
The highlight was when the little Queens sang in Portugese to Mary.

YouTube video of the Bodo de Leite or Cow Parade
There are several other Bodo de Leite videos on YouTube
Please search for "kim2848" videos

Pictures of the 2009 Bodo de Leite on September 12, 2009

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Pictures of 2009 Decorated Statues

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Pictures of 2009 Floral Carpet in the Park

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